MRP For New Born Baby

New Passport

Applicants under this category are for

  • Applicants born outside of Bangladesh i.e. New Born Baby, entitled to obtain a Bangladesh Passport by Descent

Documents Required:

i.) Four-pages new application form 01 set. 

Click here to fill-up the form and download. Online Application for Bangladesh Machine Readable Passport (BGDMRP) - Application Step 1 

ii.) Photocopy and original copy (attested) of birth certificate issued by JPN of Malaysia.

iii.) Photocopy of Bangladesh birth certificate and copy of online verification.

iv.) Place of birth must be Malaysia in Bangladesh birth registration.

v.) 484 RM May Bank Cash Deposit Yellow Receipt, Receipt must have child's name and date of birth.

vi.) May Bank deposit account name: Bangladesh High Commission, Account number: 564427102268. 

vii.) Copy of parents' passport and visa.

viii.) Attested copy of marriage certificate/marriage certificate of parents.

ix.) Passport size photograph of the child.

x.) 3R/4R photograph if child is below 3 years of age.

xi.) Passport size photograph of parents.

xii.) Children must be accompanied