Business visa

 Business visa

A Businessman / Business Representative who wants to visit Bangladesh for the purpose of Trade or Commerce, he/she is eligible to apply for a Business visa. The applicant needs to provide the invitation letter from Bangladesh Business Organisation/Establishment and a letter from a local Business organization with ABN identification, clearly stating the purpose of the visit.

  1. Online Application, Printed Copy from

[Please upload your photo online, mention payment Info’s and

All informarion must be according to the passport . Please Check your Name, Passport number, Date of Birth,nationality and releavant information before submit the application.

  1. Original Passport and a photocopy of passport.
  2. Photograph 03 (three) copies, blue background
  3. Payment Receipt (Please bring only May Bank counter deposit yellow receipt, any Online transfer, ATM transfer, Bank cheque, a demand bank draft is not accepted.

 For Malaysian, Single Entry Fees are 156 RM, MultipleEntires Fees are 315 RM or equivalent Malaysian Ringgits only.

Account Name: Bangladesh High Commission, Kuala Lumpur

 Account No.: 564427102268

Name of Bank: May Bank

5. Invitation Letter from Bangladesh (Letter should be addressed

 to Bangladesh High Commission, Kuala Lumpur)

  1. Letter from Local company/Leave permission

(Malaysia/Other companies abroad) (Letter should be

addressed to Bangladesh High Commission, Kuala Lumpur)