Legalization of any Commercial Documents.

A. The Commercial wing of the Mission legalizes commercial documents such as Memorandum and Articles of Association, Company Registration Certificate, MLR certificates, laboratory test reports for commercial imports, opening a bank account, power of attorney for commercial dealings/transactions, etc. If the Documents/certificates originate from Malaysia, they must be notarized and attested/authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of Malaysia and other related Ministries of Malaysia (if relevant). After that, it is needed to submit the attested/authenticated documents along with other relevant documents (if applicable) to Bangladesh High Commission for attestation. Then after required verification, the concerned officer will do the attestation. 

B. The fee for legalization is MYR 20 per page and the Mode of Payment is as follows:

  1. Payment should be made at any May Bank Deposit Counter in Malaysia and the yellow-colored deposit slip counter foil should be attached to the application. Any Online transfer, ATM transfer, Bank cheque, or demand bank draft is not accepted.

  2. Account Name: Bangladesh High Commission

  3. Account No.: 564427102268

  4. Name of Bank: May Bank

C. The standard Processing Period is Five (5) working days. However, the processing may take longer than the standard processing period in cases where further checking or verification is required. 

Officer in Charge:

Pranab Kumar Ghosh

First Secretary (Commercial)

Tel: +60326040944