How to Apply for Visa

To obtain a Bangladesh visa, the applicant must submit the following as per the existing rules:

  • Visa Application:
  • If you want to apply online then please login and submit your application online, then download and take print out (4 pages including barcode page) of the submitted application. 
  • Visa application form is available to this link , you can download MRV form and print out and fill up with pen.

  • Passport:
  •  Original passport has to be submitted with the application (Passport must have minimum 06 (six) months validity).
  •  One photocopy of passport (information page/pages); (If you have any previous visa then please submit photocopy of visa page/pages.)

  • Photograph
  • Passport Size photograph-02 (two) copies
  • Blue/White Background

  • Relevant supporting papers depending upon the purpose of visit.